Breakdown on the road.

What all RVers dread, a breakdown on the road.

We have all seen someone at one time or another sitting on the side of the road broke down.  Lets face it, life happens sometimes.  But what about when we break down and we are driving or pulling our houses.  Cool turn on the TV and wait for help right?  Well most of us don’t feel like watching re-runs of, All in the Family” when we are stranded on the side of an interstate.  RVers know a breakdown on the road when you are traveling with your house can be a nightmare.

IMG_1213We were in Texas.  We had just left our park and was heading out west to the Tombstone, Arizona area.  Continue reading

On the road again.

Time for our grand-baby fix.

Have you missed us?  We have been on the road again. We wanted to touch base with our readers as it has been over a week since posting anything.  Thanks to all of you who sent emails wondering about our whereabouts and how things were going!  We have just finished a 1600 mile trip to see our kids and grand kids.

We left Tombstone, AZ about a week ago and headed to see the kiddies.  And boy do I have some video and pictures to tell you about!  Jeff sang karaoke in Doc Holliday’s, it was not pleasant!  We visited Boot Hill Cemetery, Birdcage Theater and so much more.  I will certainly be posting very soon about our adventure there. Continue reading

History Channel’s Swamp People

You never know who you may run into!

We were hanging out down in Mississippi at Bay Hide Away RV Park having a good time.  Bay Hide Away is just inside Mississippi on the Louisiana border.  We have stayed in this park a couple of times.

This particular day we were headed to the beach, which is about 2-3 miles down the road, to walk Black Dog.  There is this little gas station which is about halfway to the beach.  It is a pretty cool gas station.  They always have a bunch of fresh made food ready in their hot case.  They also sell crawfish.  You can buy them cooked or uncooked.

So Jeff is wanting to stop to get something to eat for the road.  With having another whole mile to get to the beach he didn’t want to get the road munchies.  I don’t think he is even hungry half the time.  It is just the concept of stopping somewhere! Continue reading

Bay Hide Away RV Park, Bay St Louis, MS

When it comes to RV parks it doesn’t get better than this.

If you are in the gulf area and looking for a park that has it all look no further.  Bay Hide Away RV Park, Bay St Louis, MS has you covered.  You get it all here, beaches, casinos, New Orleans, restaurants, local history and attractions just to name a few.  All while staying in a park that is off the road in a quiet country setting.

bay hide awayJeff and I have stayed in the park two years in a row for a month each time.  I have to say that has not even been enough time to see and experience all there is to do in the area.  Continue reading

Lambert’s Cafe home of the throwed rolls

The Only Home of Throwed Rolls

For a great dining experience go to Lambert’s Cafe home of the throwed rolls.  Lambert’s has three locations.  Sikeston, MO, Ozark, MO and Foley, AL.   We have eaten at the Missouri Locations on several occasions and we are confident the Alabama place is just as good.

sikeston_lambertsLambert’s Cafe has been around for 70 years and let me tell you it hasn’t changed much at least since we have been eating there.  It is a laid back country like atmosphere with a very eclectic collection of, well, everything.  Continue reading

How to fix faded cracked RV decals

Are your RV decals cracking, curling and fading?

We are trying a new project on our rig.  We shared with you awhile back about removing oxidation and restoring that new shine, “How to keep the shine on your RV“. Now we are addressing how to fix faded, cracked RV decals.  Our decals have been fading and cracking and are even curling up in some places.  As you can see we don’t have that many decals but it is time to address the problem.

We all know what the sun does to our decals.  Even if your rig is just a few years old I am sure you have noticed some signs of decal fading. Continue reading

Grand Isle Louisiana

Shrimp, Shrimp and more Shrimp.

Grand Isle is Louisiana’s only inhabited barrier island.  The population is around 1,200 residents during the summer.  If you count the tourists that number will spike to  over 20,000 in a good season.   Louisiana Highway 1 causeway on the west side of the island is the only way on or off the island.  If you are looking for an island experience and enjoy nature, Grand Isle Louisiana is the place to be.

IMG_1041The ride down to the island is a four lane highway from interstate 10 south. Continue reading

Alligators in Louisiana

Coffee and alligators anyone?

We love Louisiana.  There is so much to do and see throughout the state.  Having been in several places around the state we decided we wanted to see the heart of the swamps.  There is a certain beauty about the swamps that you just cant appreciate unless you are actually there.  And of course as we all know there are alligators in Louisiana.  What we didn’t know is that we wouldn’t have to go far to see one.

swampWe were in Breaux Bridge, LA crawfish capital of the world.  We stayed at a campground called Frenchman’s Wilderness tucked in the woods of the Atchafalaya Basin.  Continue reading

Global Wildlife Center Folsom, LA

I had them eating out of my hands!  And then it hit me!

Another trip to New Orleans area and once again we were not disappointed.  We decided to return to the area for Mardi Gras.  Another bucket list thing, you know how it is.  The park we are staying at plans a trip to Global Wildlife Center Folsom, LA.  I will tell you more about the park later.  Cool we are ready.  Having a break from all the Mardi Gras parades will be nice.

IMG_0998The wildlife center is about 35 miles down the road.  Continue reading